When it comes to wiper blade refills, we are the premier experts. Not only do we have the largest selection of wiper blade molds in Japan, but we have a lineup of wiper blade refills for nearly every make and model of vehicle. Not only does our extensive lineup include blades for standard models but also for classic, collector’s, and rare models that are difficult to find.

Founded in 1967, MITA WIPER BLADE, INC has been supplying the Japanese market with rubber products for many years. We are constantly striving to improve our efforts and development in order to live up to and exceed Japan’s highest quality standards.

In order to ensure these standards are met and give us the ability to quickly and efficiently create blades for any model vehicle, all our wiper blade molds and refills are developed and produced at our own manufacturing plants. Because of this, we can even supply wiper blade refills not found on the market to suit specific cars.

Our inventory is stored in Torrance, California, and we are able to accept small-lot orders.

Unit per year

1 k


1 k


Location Overseas

We have five overseas plants producing products mainly for the Japanese market. There are Japanese plant managers stationed at every plant. The overseas plants are operated under Japanese specifications and standards. Products manufactured there are stocked at our Aomori Plant, which functions as our domestic delivery center, from where they are distributed throughout the country.

– Plant in Thailand (Local subsidiary name: GOMUYA THAILAND)

– Plant in Thailand (Local subsidiary name: NERIYA THAILAND)

– Plant in Vietnam: (Local subsidiary name: CLEAN COMPANY)

– Plant in Vietnam (Local subsidiary name: GOMUYA VIET NAM)

The key concepts

Trust & Reliability

Meeting performance requirements Minimizing complaints Quality consistency


Original design strategy Brand value High profitabilit

Lowered cost of development

Reducing costs through self- manufacturing Smooth and flexible development


Our core business is in delivering wiper blades and assemblies as an OEM, and we supply numerous products to various automobile manufacturers, well-known automobile accessory stores and mass retailers.

We strive to manufacture our own products, and everything from compounding, mixing and molding the rubber to making wiper frames and delivery is executed and managed at our plant based on technology and knowhow cultivated over many years. We supply products of high quality. Our strength also lies in our ability to design and manufacture molds.

Apart from wipers, we also produce rubber mats, panel covers, steering wheel covers, car washing accessories, emergency supplies, etc.

smooth production and supply system

We will provide a production and supply system to meet the needs of your plan

Self-manufacturing, self-control

We manage everything from manufacturing to shipment, and deliver high quality based on Japanese standards. We also deliver products straight from plants reducing unnecessary costs and allowing us to supply products at competitive prices.

Supply by reducing unnecessary costs

By comparison, other companies buy and provide ready-made products from overseas companies (often in China), which tends to result in inconsistent quality between lots. Product specifications are also often changed without authorization, leading to wasted time and labor on quality control. Moreover, products are ordered in huge lots that do not allow flexible responses.

Handles small-lot manufacturing

We can handle small-lot manufacturing. Some of our customers place orders only for lots that have sold out, which we manufacture and start delivering in stages at the beginning of the following month. This flexible ordering system allows production to be adjusted to the rate of sales. It prevents overstocking, realizing a slimmer inventory management system.

Handles small-lot orders

This allows the placing of small-lot orders at the start of sales. We can quickly switch to mass production once sales start to take off. Mita provides a smooth and flexible production and supply system.

We will supply everything you need for wipers.​

An overview of the services you offer and how they will benefit the visitor.In starting sales of wipers, make use of our production and supply system in which we strive to manage everything ourselves.

We can supply products unique to your company. We will set up a smooth production and supply system customized to your sales plan, and meet your needs with versatility and flexibility. We will not only adapt quickly to future changes in the market and new models, but we will also allow the development of products from scratch based on new ideas as a self-manufacturing company. We look forward to doing business with you.