Zacca Bag

Zacca Bag is different from bulk bags. No need to have someone hold the bag while the other fills it!Use it anywhere every time. 

What is Zacca bag?

The only foldable, stand-alone, reusable multi-purpose bag of its type in the USA. When not in use, the Zacca Bag’s unique design allows for a tidy triangular fold away for easy storage. Opening for use is as simple as unfolding and standing up. Once unfolded it is self-standing and can be easily loaded and carried away using the side straps for one person or built-in side handles for easy two-person carry. Made of(PP)UV 2% with a maximum capacity of more than 120 lbs.



  • Landscaping (pull along to fill trimming or fill and carry to location for mulch, bark, etc)
  • Tree trimmer (drop trimming right in)
  • Temporary storage for pool toys (easily movable)
  • Camping (to hold your gear or insert a trash bag to collect rubbish)
  • Daycare (hold soft blocks and easily movable around the playground or classroom)
  • Construction clean up (fill it up and throw it in the truck for dumping at the shop)
  • Painters (fill with masking and rubbish for disposal at the shop)
  • Woodworkers (perfect size for under the work bench to catch sawdust and wood chips)
  • Drycleaners (relocation of laundry from facility to facility)
  • Movers (bedding and linen for the quick move across town)


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