Pop up Tent


Easy setup private tent. 


1 min Installation

Because it is pop-up type, setup and storage do not require significant time, and setup and storage take about 1 minute each.


Provides privacy. Private Rooms at Evacuation Site. Enables people to change clothes or nurse safely and securely.

Disaster Prepare

Disaster Preparedness Specifications. Designed with flame-retardant fabric for safety in the event of a fire


How to

set up


Infection Prevention Measures

Spaces can be partitioned.Uses material that can be wet by sprays and other liquids for allowing sterilization.Enables isolation of people with coughs and fever.

The same fabric is used for the ceiling and sides. When closed, the tent becomes a completely private room. This also prevents droplet infections.

This design provides protection for elderly people with a high risk of infection, people with an underlying medical condition, handicapped people, expectant and nursing mothers, and other susceptible people.

The zipper can be opened and closed, and the ceiling can be fully opened for an open-air experience.



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