Water Repellent Silicone Wiper Blade

Water-repellent silicone wiper with exceptionally long life with 3x the durability and resistance against UV rays, heat, and low temperatures.



Rubber formulae

A variety of chemicals, such as carbon are mixed into the rubber of wiper blades to prevent ultraviolet degradation, ozone degradation and oxidation, or to improve durability. We strive for better wiping performance and greater durability in our products through the use of original materials and formulae.

Molding management

Most manufacturers of wiper blades purchase rubber that has already been compounded, but the manufacturing of our products is managed under Japanese standards. The lip is controlled down to a thickness of 0.01 mm. This is based on knowhow cultivated through continued production and development.

Coating development

Today, most automobile manufacturers coat the surface of their rubber with graphite. The performance and compatibility of the graphite with the rubber vary, but we develop coating agents that are compatible with the rubber, ensuring high wiping and sliding performance.

Cutting precision

The cutting of the lip makes a huge difference to the performance of a wiper. We use a high-speed rotating cutter to cut the rubber from both ends. We have improved our cutting precision to ensure high wiping performance.

How it works

Just 3 minutes of dry wiping creates a uniform water repellent film coating

Wiping a dry windshield with these windshield wipers  is all it takes to apply a water repellent film coating to the windshield. This film coating excels at repelling water and provides superb visibility.

Combines superb wiping performance with durability

These windshield wiper blades are made from silicone rubber that offers excellent resistance to heat, cold, weather, and chemicals. The rubber surface is coated with graphite, providing it with stable wiping performance.

Unique Mita silicone rubber formulation makes windshield water repellent

When the water repellent windshield wiper is wiped over the surface of the glass, it creates friction which allows the silicone oil worked into the wiper’s rubber to slowly seep out, forming a water repellent film coating.

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