Wiper Replacement Rubber

Type: Graphite Rubber

Smooth movement reducing noise and juddering

[Performance] Natural rubber realizes highly accurate wiping performance with excellent adhesion to glass.

[Water proof] Maximize the effect without removing the glass coating.

[Smooth operation] The rubber surface is treated with graphite to achieve smooth movement without noise or juddering

This product is manufactured to wipe off raindrops and dirt from automobile glass surface. Please never use it for any other purpose.

The size specified on the package is based on the genuine size. When replacing wipers, please check the actual vehicle wiper before the installation.

When replacing wipers, please use the same product on the driver’s and passenger’s sides at the same time.

To ensure safe visibility during rainy weather, replace the wiper as soon as its wiping performance deteriorates.

How to remove

Please pull out the old rubber along with the metal rail from the lock hole side in the direction of the arrow.

How to install

Please insert the new rubber from the side without the lock hole, and finally push it into the lock hole. Make sure to install it so that the lock hole is placed at the bottom.

Please check that the rubber has passed through all the nails and is attached correctly.

If the wiper is moved with foreign objects, there is a risk of scratching the rubber or glass surface.

Dirt and oil film adhering to the windshield can cause chatter and reduce wiping performance. Please clean the windshield before replacing it.

If installed on an incompatible vehicle model or with a wiper of the wrong size, it may cause poor wiping or a serious accident.

Accidents, breakdowns, or damage caused by incorrect replacement methods or forced installation is out of warranty.

This Product is wiper blade rubber replacement that has been planned and designed in Japan, and produced in Vietnam.